Fatelle. Is it Fat Elle? or is it meant to be like femme fatale? Even I am not entirely sure.

I am Elle [pronounced Ellie, but I get El a lot too]. I am 23 years old and I’ve got no idea how to navigate my twenties. Someone please hand me a map or a compass.

I’d say I am an extroverted introvert because I love being alone with a book and napping all day but I really enjoy going out with my friends.

I am by no means a small girl. I stand at 6 foot or 183cm. Yes I play Netball.

Shopping is hard. Plus size, curvy, tall & regular; I don’t fit into any of these categories perfectly, I am somewhere stuck in the middle. Am I Fashionable? God no. I think of my style as watered down, I always opt for clothes that look good rather than clothes that are fashionable and nothing too outrageous.



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