Top 5 Tall Clothing Sites

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I did not chose the Tall life the Tall life chose me. Do I wish I was shorter? Not really, maybe just an inch or two.

Here I have compiled a list of my favourite sites to shop at for all those Tall gals out  there.926e6ba5f21f1d24d1f8775879c5dd5e


First blog post

Life in General

One thing I have learned about this thing called Adulthood is that life gets busy. We lose touch with friends that we talked to every day at school and rearrange our priorities.

In my mind I am still a teenager, so it’s fair to say that at almost 23 I have still got no idea what the hell I am doing. I am hoping this will make for some interesting content and posts.

I feel like I’m still in the awkward stage of figuring out who I am, but I’ve been like this for years, so maybe this is just who I am.

I like metal music but I also like country. I’m a bit of a party girl, a little bit wild but at the same time I can be quite conservative and proper. I’m always teetering on the edge of holding it all together and saying fuck it and letting it all go. I can be a fitness freak and I can be a fat slob.

I’m stuck between the clothes categories of Tall, Plus Size and Regular.

At the current point in time I have just started Duromine to try and lose some weight and I have just deferred from University indefinitely. Let’s start this journey.